Terms and conditions

This code provides the broad principles for services from CHI Consulting. The principles are based on Common Law, in other words they do not lay down in detail what the services must contain, but gives guiding principles within which the service provider can move freely.


  • The service provider will accurately maintain, store, and dispose of any records created during their coaching business in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy, and complies with any applicable laws and agreements.
  • The service provider will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information. The service provider will have a clear agreement upon how the provided information will be exchanged among service provider, client, and sponsor.
  • The service provider will have a clear agreement before releasing information to another person, unless required by law.

Professional Conduct with Clients

  • The service provider will have clear agreements or contracts with their clients or sponsors, and will honor all agreements or contracts made in the context of professional coaching relationships.
  • The service provider will carefully explain and strive to ensure that, prior to or at the initial meeting, their client and sponsors understand the nature of of the service, the nature and limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the agreement or contract.
  • The service provider will respect the client’s right to terminate the services at any point during the process, subject to the provisions of the agreement or contract, and will be alert to indications that the client is no longer benefiting from the relationship.
  • The service provider will encourage their clients or sponsors to make a change if the service provider believes the client or sponsor would be better served by another service provider or by another services of other professionals when deemed necessary or appropriate.

Conflicts of Interest:

The service provider will seek to avoid conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest and openly disclose any such conflicts. The service provider will offer to remove themselves if such a conflict arises.

Breaches of agreement

  • The service provider is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  A professional relationship exists when the parties include an agreement or contract that defines the responsibilities of each party.
  • If the client or sponsor are dissatisfied, they should may make a formal complaint to Chi Consulting who will investigate the complaint.