I coaching er du eksperten på ditt eget liv. Det er derfor coachen ikke trenger å være en ekspert på området du vil ha hjelp på. Det er coachen sin jobb å hjelpe deg å se mulighetene klart, å oppnå ditt beste og få de resultatene du vil ha både personlig og i karrieren. Coaching sørger for at du kan være ditt beste, lære og utvikle deg i den retningen du vil. 

Coachene i CHI Consulting er sertifisert ICC Coacher (International Coaching Community og jobber med individer, team, ledere og executives. 

Du har alltid mulighet til å møte din coach for en introduksjon for å se om dere er en god match. 

Personlig Coaching


Executive coaching

Executive and leader coaching helps you, as a leader, get the support you need in the best way and succeed in achieving your goals.

As an Executive and a leader you already know the importance of creating and maintaining a strategic vision. Still, how often you take the time to explore and clarify this vision, moving targets or results that flow from your view? Do you take the time to think through the performance of your ideas and intentions in reality?

Coaching provides just this kind of opportunity on a regular basis, so you can maintain a very clear macrocosmic vision, while simultaneously utilizing your time and energy by targeting critical opportunities for action.

Many leaders often find themselves under pressure to perform at the very top of their game, day in and day out. In this type of environment, the opportunity to engage in constructive and purposeful dialogue with a skilled and objective listener both rare and invaluable.

We work to help you to make right decisions on the basis of your situation, get focus and use all your potential in the job. A personal coach supports you and is there for you in your personal development.

Common Areas of Focus for Executive Coaching:

  • Articulating Your Goals and Vision
  • Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills
  • Leveraging Time and Energy
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Navigating Difficult Relationships
  • Creating an Empowering Context
  • Transforming Company Culture
  • Maintaining Work/Life Balance

Through one-on-one coaching and group facilitation, we work with you to help you understand and transcend barriers to your productivity and effectiveness, unleashing your full potential for leadership.


Individual coaching

Are you entering a period of personal or professional change, transition, inquiry or advancement? If not, would you like to be?

Would you benefit from gaining a new perspective, or from talking through multiple possibilities and developing a set of criteria to help you choose a new path forward in your work or life? Would you find it useful to evaluate your challenges, choices, and opportunities within an objective and unbiased framework?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, coaching could be a powerful tool to help you articulate your vision and achieve your goals. An effective coaching engagement provides a unique environment within which to explore and learn through purposeful dialogue. At the same time, coaching provides a structure of accountability to support you in taking the actions necessary to achieve success.

Coaching stimulates creative thinking, challenges assumptions, inspires commitment, and develops new capabilities.

Common Areas of Focus for Individual Coaching:

  • Career Change or Re-evaluation
  • Promotion to a new position
  • Managing stress, cultivating well-being
  • Effective management of work/life balance
  • Developing communication
  • Develop management, or leadership skills
  • Managing important relationships
  • Starting a business

Your coaching can take place in person, by phone or online to meet your preference and needs.

Please contact us for more information or for an informal chat.

Coaching for grupper


Business Coaching

Your business success depends on your ability to navigate complex challenges and unforeseen circumstances, while out-maneuvering your competitors, upholding a unique vision, and capitalizing on every possible competitive advantage.

Coaching can provide you as a business owner or entrepreneurial professional with an opportunity to work through challenges and barriers that have limited your results in the past. Through an engaging process of reflection and collaborative dialogue, coaching can help you understand different ways of looking at familiar situations, yielding rich lessons and illuminating new pathways for achieving results in your enterprise.
CHI Consluting can help you with

  • Solve persistent problems for good
  • Leverage new opportunities for maximum impact
  • Develop your management and leadership skills
  • Design and complete action plans that move your business forward
  • Become more organized and productive
  • Reflect on your own thinking in an objective and unbiased way

Team coaching

Team coaching help teams to work together, release the team´s full potential and perform at its best to deliver the goals of the business.

Team coaching also strengthens the team by eliminating interpersonal problems that limit success. In addition coaching creates a motivational experience for its members.

Much of the impact that business leaders bring to their role is delivered through and by their top teams. Building a healthy team is one of the key tasks of leadership and often one of the most difficult.

We help teams gain insight into the team´s dynamics, creating ways for members to examine their functioning and talk honestly about strengths and weaknesses. We then work with the team to generate and implement practical, sustainable improvements in the way it delivers its business goals.

Are you and your organization challenged with one of the following examples?

  • Boards who are facing particular challenges in leading their business.
  • New teams who need to accelerate their journey to performance.
  • Longstanding teams which have become uncreative, sterile or too ‘cosy’.
  • Teams where members are working in ‘silos’ rather than together.
  • Project teams together for a limited time with a critical organisational task to deliver.
  • Teams whose functioning is marred by interpersonal conflicts or tensions.
  • Teams with a new leader who wishes to take the team in a new direction.

Some of the methods we use in Team Coaching is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, it is a powerful tool to investigate the individual differences in work style that exists in a team. 360 degree feedback process is also a valuable method when working with behaviors and competencies.

We specialize in coaching the team as well as individuals, either as projects or in conjunction with one-to-one coaching of the team leader and in some cases other key team members.

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About Coahing


Coaching has traditionally been associated with sports to increase performance and to reach goals. Over time has coaching also been taken in to other areas such as business and individual, team and organizational development. Coaching increase efficiency, enhance solvent and increase focus on goals. Today, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, business leaders and individuals have realized the benefits of hiring a coach.

The coach listens to you and asks questions to enhance you to find the best path for yourself different situations. The coach use methods and techniques which make you see possibilities and competencies clearer and then set a strategy and action plan on how you will meet your accomplishments, all based on your assumptions.

Coaching builds awareness, enhances choice and leads to change. It frees your potential to maximize your performance and help you to learn rather than be taught. The coach clarifies your actions and reflects your step you take towards your goals.

Coaching is based on the present and look to the future. One should not confuse coaching with therapy. The coach ensures that you can find answers to what you want to achieve success from within. Your desire for results is key to success. It is the coach’s job to ensure that you find those keys and unlocked the doors to free potential.

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