Individual coaching: Take charge of your life and career


Client: Marketing Consultant.


Client is a woman with 2 children, husband and a dog. She works in one of the top advertisement firms in the country. She is ambitious, hard working and a fun-loving mother. She has however the past few years spent time with her young children and when the children is getting older the client feels a bit empty, sad, depressed and has experienced sleep deprivations. Situation is affecting her relations in her family and her performance in at work. Client was unsure about if it was the family situation or if it was time for her to spend more time on herself. She had troubles identifying why she had a feeling of “helplessness”.

She had thought around a career change and what next career move should be. Client experienced a fear for unbalance in work-life balance if she would pursue her career. Client experienced difficulties in identifying what she wanted to do to be able to change her situation. 

Coaching goals:

  • Help the client identifying career goals and pathway.
  • Increase income.
  • Increase time for family and friends.


After meetings, phone calls and email exchanges with the coach the client. She had started in a new job as a Marketing Director for a marketing company, which was closer to her home and reduces 1 hour of her time to commute on a daily basis. She had taken a part-time position role that increased her work-life balance and she had negotiated a good salary package in her new job, which also supported the family income. She felt confident and appreciated in her new company. She felt less stressed, worried and slept though the nights. The client had more time for her family and she felt much more present while with her family.

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