Executive Coaching: From Manager to Leader



A Manager who had a promotion to a senior leader role. 


The Sales Manager had a promotion to Regional Sales Director. The client was used to be hands on and in all details of the sales cycle. He used to manage Account Managers, Key Account Managers and Presales Managers and now moved into a role where he needed to start managing sales managers with larger teams. He had been in the role for 9 month, the sales result was under budget and negative feedback was coming from his direct reports. Client engaged in a 12 month executive coaching program.


Through individual coaching and personal development exercises supported the client in start seeing the bigger picture and practice thought leadership. He changed his behavior from micromanagement and started to empower the managers reporting to him through clear communication and a solid process and governance structure. The sales results soon started showing a positive trend and he closed the year on budget. The following year he doubled the sales revenue and received an award as Sales Director of the year.

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