Executive Coaching: Increase Your Business Profitability and Employee Engagement



Client was the CEO of an international company.


The client wanted to use coaching as part of a culture change program.  The client had the objectives to:

  • Increase budget deficit (i.e. create a surplus)
  • Process efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Community involvement
  • Increase employee engagement


Develop a well-communicated and tangible vision and strategy. Development of the leadership team to a high performing team. Set up and implemented an Employee Engagement Plan and Coaching program that would deliver on the strategy.  The work revealed a number of areas where the CEO had to make difficult decisions and challenges that needed to be resolved. The company met business budget targets, increased time to market, increased NPS score from -1 to +21, increased brand image from 8% to 30% and increased employee engagement score from 72 to 78.

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